Zag was born from an idea of Luigi Ricerca and Fabio Cocimano, two Sicilian artisans who, after years of appreciated collaborations with architects and interior designers, wanted to create their own brand dedicated to the creation of new projects.

ZAG Design logo

The working processes of all products are the result of craftsmanship but also of innovative technologies. This approach allows to guarantee a production in scale without sacrificing the artisan character of the hand-finished product.

Our mission

Zag is a brand that wants to represent the beauty, harmony, originality, shape and colors of the world of design.

VENTI Collection

As swift as the wind, as quick as light…

It is no coincidence that the “Venti” collection (“Venti” as the number 20 as well as the plural form of “wind”) derives its name from the image of the wind and is made up of furnishing accessories that contain and exalt the light.

These objects of design spring up from the rushing energy of creativity, compared to that of the winds of creative flair, whose power clears out the old and brings about renewal and beauty, and is therefore destined to last a long time.

In an age of confusion and uncertainties, where our eyes are often blind to the beauty of simple things, people need a reawakening of vital energies, like those provided by a revolutionary wind, those energies that make the creative inspiration vibrate and that does not stop in the face of obstacles.

Similarly, a new light is necessary, a light that may be capable of illuminating both the inside and the outside and allow a new vision of things.

ISLAND Collection

“No man is an island entire of itself” wrote the Englih poet John Donne, “every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”.

It is a common experience to feel lonely and isolated, at the mercy of a stormy sea whose waves are nothing but the difficulties of life, the heavy commitments of one’s own job and everything that make us consider ourselves as detached from the people surrounding us.

This way finding the route, i.e. the right path to follow, and the meaning of life turns out to be extremely hard.

Donne’s lines encourage us to consider life as part of a greater dimension, which we belong to and whose vibrant connections we can perceive. Here emerges the salvific role of art, the greatest vibrating force, and of creativity.

The “Island” collection does not only recall a merely geographic feature: it also hints at the condition of the artist-creator who swims alone in the sea of his effort, against the tide and not always understood, weary but trusting his final result that will be later shared with everybody, also with the ones who didn’t believe in him.

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